VFX Work

The upper section of this page has VFX from the mobile game All Hams On Deck and the lower section shows my work on the PC MMO Crowfall.

All Hams on Deck VFX Work

2019 - The VFX in this section are a selection of effects made for the mobile game All Hams On Deck. These were made with photoshop and Unity’s particle system.

Crowfall VFX Work

2016 - 2018 -The VFX below were created with the PopcornFX editor for the MMORPG Crowfall.

Above are effects related to harvesting and picking up harvested materials. The left two play when an item is picked up (the item is "absorbed" into the character in the first, and the second is a burst that plays to mask the actual pick up mesh disappearing from the world). The third is a harvesting buff, and the fourth is an example of a harvesting pickup idle effect, where the color and the intensity of the effect match the rarity of the pickup. You can read more about the design iteration of these effects at the bottom of this page.

These are all player powers attached to character classes. The two on the left are assassin abilities that use an inky, black base with bright purple particles and ribbons to make the power more readable in darker environments. The second gif is showing an example of the assassin's weapon trail for one power. The third gif is for a cleric area of effect ability. In Unity, this is played in combination with a weapon trail and a ground projection. The last effect is for an item that grants the caster's target a rune shield.

The first two gifs on the left are spider mob abilities. The first is a big knockdown/shock wave power, which includes web ribbons that tie into the in-game spider web decals. The second is the leg swipe trails for the spider's three basic attack swipes. The two on the right are for level up effects. The latter plays when the character is at a higher level and features more elements and build up than the other.

These are all for Crowfall's two music based abilities. The first is a shield buff featuring music notes. The others are area of effect, debuff, or damage abilities that integrate sound wave visuals .

Harvesting Pickup Iteration

Below are iterations the harvesting pickups went through to make sure that the rarities of the objects were clearly visible, along with the mesh objects themselves. These effects also integrated some Unity lights, shaders, and ground projections, as seen in the second and third examples.