August 2019 - I tried making models from some of Krystal’s concepts for All Hams On Deck, the mobile game we’re working on. I wanted to try my hand at translating the flat and toony style of the drawings into 3D. I also wanted to keep the poly count relatively low for mobile. I ended up testing it out with just an unlit shader and a toony-outline shader. Models done in Maya, textures in photoshop. Concepts by Krystal Weber. Models and textures by me.

January 2016 - My submission for the 2016 Blizzard Student Art Contest. I created my own concept of what a female Tuskarr from World of Warcraft might look like. Concept, model and texture created by me.


Summer of 2015 - This was for a TV pilot that integrated stylized 3D characters with 2D backgrounds. I painted backgrounds in Photoshop and set up multi-planes and textures in Maya so that the character animations would match. View pilot here!

October 2014 - Friendly Sea Monster character modeled, textured and animated for a mobile game called "Word Snack".

Spring 2019 - This is a mock up of a level up screen for a visual novel. I needed to match an existing style and make a UI that could potentially work on both PC and mobile. Mock up done in Photoshop and Illustrator.

November - December 2015 - Human character model, rig and face rig created for the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy game, a 3D platformer called Roots of Sarkos. Model and Rig created myself using Maya, TSMG and PyMEL. Concept and Texture by Shayna Moon and Al Savell. Animation by Kyle Chittenden.

May - June 2015 - A model I made based on a jelly fish pencil animation I did a while back. I wanted to create a stylized human character while also learning how to light for Maxwell rendering. All elements created myself using Maya, ZBrush and Maxwell.

Spring 2015 - Some of the characters and animations made for the 5 week game project "Dino Fight". Concept, model, texture, rig and animation done myself.

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 -  Some work in progress shots from my animated short incorporating 2d and 3d animation.

January 2015 - High poly sculpt to lower poly fish models made for the game "Carpe Diem".

Summer 2014 - Kai the surfer cat created for "Cat Tsunami". Model, rig, textures and animation completed myself.

Summer 2014 - Obstacles and power ups made for the "Cat Tsunami" game. Models, rigs, animations and textures completed myself.