February 2019 - This shader was created for a visual novel so that combat icon sprites could have animated versions of their strong variants (which have the gold and steel metallic looks). This also has an optimization use as well! Instead of having multiple sprites in the project for each variant of each icon, there is a base icon sprite that is recolored and animated within the shader. This was made using the Amplify Shader Editor in Unity with some textures made in Photoshop. The base combat sprite is by Lars Olson.


2017/2018 - These two shaders were made for Crowfall. The one above is a stealth shader that is partially opaque with a moving noise texture. This edits the opacity spots, as well as masks the fill color. There is also a faint pulsing fresnel on this shader. Because the character is only visible to its own player in stealth mode, this shader didn’t need to be a lot less opaque or harder to see.


2017/2018 - This shader is for the camouflage ability, which is different from stealth. Since all players are able to see characters in this mode, it was necessary to make the shader less opaque. It uses a similar faint purple fresnel as the stealth, but is significantly harder to see at a distance. To keep the character slightly visible if a player is paying attention, I used the swirling noise texture to distort the background color. For this I pulled inspiration from Halo’s active camouflage.